The National Planning Policy Framework is central government's general overview of what they think is best for the United Kingdom.  It sets out the main rules that shape the planning laws in this country.


Central Bedfordshire Council is currently forming a development strategy (a successor to previous core strategies, adopted local plan and development management policies).  This is a planning policy document for the whole of Central Bedfordshire.  It must, of course, conform to the strategy set out by Government but it considers objectives and strategies suitable for Central Bedfordshire.  Wider national policy is, therefore, enhanced by local knowledge and applied accordingly.


A Neighbourhood Plan takes this a step further.  It must be in conformity with the policy set out for Central Bedfordshire, but we can use our local knowledge to add levels of details dealing with the specific circumstances of Caddington and Slip End.  If properly prepared and voted for by a majority in a referendum, Central Bedfordshire MUST adopt our Neighbourhood plan as part of their planning policy.